Femoro-acetabular Impingement

This diagnosis is becoming more common as surgeons have become more aware of this condition over the last decade or so. Traditional teaching has been that in the majority of cases of hip osteoarthritis, the cause is not known and has been termed “primary” or “idopathic” osteoarthritis.

Over the last decade it has become clear that a significant number of these cases are due to subtle differences in the shape of bones of the hip joint, producing altered biomechanics and increased stress on the cartilage, which can be painful and ultimately damages the cartilage and the development of osteoarthritis.

Treatment may be required to help with the pain and can take the form of hip arthroscopy to open surgery. The hope is that by dealing with this early, we may be able to slow-down or even prevent the development of arthritis.

This condition is a common cause of hip or groin pain in younger patients. If you are having unexplained groin or hip pain, it is well worth having this reviewed.

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