Hip Arthroscopy

This is a relatively new technique that is being performed with more frequency as expertise in hip arthroscopy has developed, as well as the understanding of the hip conditions that are treated. An arthroscope is similar to a thin telescope, which is inserted into the hip joint, and allows the surgeon to visualise inside of the joint and carry out procedures.

Whereas in the knee, the arthroscope can be easily inserted into the joint, the hip is a ball and socket joint with a small amount of space. To make room, the hip joint needs to be opened up (distracted) with special equipment, so that there is enough room to perform the operation.

Whilst a relatively new technique, you can be assured that Mr Lee has been fellowship trained in this demanding technique.

Labral tears, femoro-acetabular impingement and cartilage injuries can all be treated with hip arthroscopy. Recovery is a little longer than with a knee arthroscopy and you will need crutches for about 3 weeks after surgery.

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